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Aromatherapy Techniques

What is Involved in a Aromatherapy Session ?

Aromatherapy uses three main methods of delivery, massage, bathing and inhalation. However there are a range of other aromatherapy techniques that are used.

Massage and Aromatherapy

Massage is the most common aromatherapy treatment. The combination of the essential oils and beneficial effects of manual massage promote healing on the body's tissues and internal organs. The essential oils are never applied directly to the skin rather they are mixed in a base medium to minimise any potential allergic reaction.

Aromatherapists inquire into the history of the client and the therapist will produce an individually appropriate blend of essential oils to address the particular needs of the client.

Bathing Aromatherapy

Everyone appreciates a hot relaxing bath and many people add proprIET®ary perfumed products. A lot of these products contain the type of essential oils used in aromatherapy. Adding essential oils to hot bath water can soothe and ease away pains and aches. It also helps to relax and induce a sense of calmness by ridding the body of any tiredness. The hot water also helps to release soothing vapours from the essential oils.


This is the most speedy and direct aromatherapy technique. The molecules of of the essential oils impact directly on the blood vessels in the nostrils. A common and popular method is steam inhalation where a few drops of essential oil are added to very hot water in a large bowl. Sitting with his / her face just over the water the person covers his / her head with a towel to trap the vapours. Deep breaths accelerate the soothing impact of the vapours (NOTE: Asthma sufferers should not undergo this treatment without express approval of their doctor). Steam inhalation has been used for many years as a means of relieving cold and flu symptoms. It can also be used to treat some skin conditions, including acne. Drops of essential oils can be applied directly to pillows, to aid restful sleep, and directly to handkerchiefs.

Hair Treatment and Scalp Tonics

Hair conditions such as dandruff, dry scalp and greasy hair can be treated by aromatherapy. Drops of an appropriate essential oil added to an olive oil or almond oil base creates a therapeutic conditioner.

Appropriate essential oils include rosemary and chamomile condition and promote healthy growth of hair.

Tea tree oil and bergamot aid with dandruff problems. Lavender is excellent at repelling fleas and lice. Massage the mixture into the scalp and then wrap the hair in warm towels which helps the oils to seep into the scalp.

The longer hair stays wrapped in the towel the better. A minimum of one hour is recommended.


As an effective therapy for muscular injuries and ailments, rheumatism, headaches and bruises aromatherapy compresses are excellent. An aromatherapy compress is prepared by dropping five drops of aromatherapy oil into a bowl of water and soaking a piece of absorbent material in the solution. Cold water should be used for acute pain, swelling or feverishness. Hot water should be used for chronic pain. After soaking the material squeeze out excess water but leave the material quite wet. Apply the wet material to the area to be treated and secure it in place with bandage wrapping. The aromatherapy compress should be left in place for a minimum of two hours. For serious ailments the compress should be changed when it reaches body temperature.

Recommended Aromatherapist

Dublin Aromatherapist: Trish Darcy - Phone: 087 263 3612 or Email

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