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Blackrock Complementary Therapist

Brenda Darcy

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Holistic treatments that give you back your life

Successful results from the following (and others):
IBS, skin problems, stress, joint or back pain,
Niggling conditions that just won’t go away
                      Are you - not sick but not well either?

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Complementary Therapist - Background & Qualifications

Brenda is an experienced knowledgeable therapist. Having practiced now for more than 12 years she has gained a lot of experience and has helped many many people in several different ways.

Bringing together her qualifications in kinesiology, reflexology, bio testing therapy, food intolerant testing, dIET® and nutrition, holistic massage, Indian head and therapeutic hand massage, she frequently integrates all. She is also a Reiki Master. She adapts the treatment for each individual client so they benefit from the very best she has to offer.

Probably best known for food intolerant testing, lymph drainage, de-stress tension relief and emotional issues, she also combines the holistic approach of mind-body-energy so that the whole body gets a treatment in a session. You are assured to leave feeling on top of the world again.

Brenda Darcy
Blackrock, Co. Dublin
Phone: 087-682 7462
Email: Brenda


Acquired brain injury patient Robert Bolton - St James Hospital

"Brenda Darcy is a kinesiologist and reiki master who has been in to see Robert twice. During her first session with him he cried at one point and sighed deeply towards the end of the session, then fell fast asleep, like a child. Brenda worked on his meridians, his lymphatic points and, using reiki, polished his aura. She checked his unbalanced polarity and then turned her attention to me, spent ten minutes giving me a balance and I felt better than I had for months. You can read further on Robert Bolton's Blog."

"I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for when I went for treatments for stress but whatever she did it worked."

Martina. Stillorgan.

"I cannot believe the difference after Brenda's treatment - she really did give me my life back, thanks Brenda."

Jessica. Sandymount, D4

Some Popular Treatments

Some of Brenda's very well-liked and successful treatments include the following:

Food Testing

Food is a very important part of our day and our lives. But the food we are eating could be affecting us in many different ways. By identifying foods that zap you of energy or cause digestive problems and then eliminating them, you could be back to your good old self very quickly.

Neck and Shoulder Tension Release

Everybody holds tension in some part of their body. For most, it is around the neck shoulders and upper back. By gentle easing those knots of tension and releasing muscle spasm, it will have an amazing effect on your whole body. A great de stress session.

Emotional Release with Flower essences (with remedy bottle)

It may be possible that an emotional element could be the reason why an old injury has never healed properly or why you cannot move forward. A very calm but effective session that allows you deal with the problem privately in your own time.

Some of the other conditions also treated include:

              • Acne and other skin conditions
              • AnxIET®y, fears and phobias
              • Back pain
              • Depression
              • Digestive complaints
              • Emotional issues, past and present
              • Fatigue
              • Fibromyalgia
              • Headaches including migraines
              • IBS
              • Food sensitivities
              • Frozen shoulder
              • Hay fever and asthma
              • Pain and aches
              • Psoriasis
              • Sinus problems
              • Sleeping problems
              • Stress

How Brenda Got Started in her Own Words

Holistic Treatments that give you back your life

When pain and discomfort become an every day part of life, you accept it – well I did. But I kept asking, is this it? I don’t want pain for the rest of my life so I tried different therapies. It changed my life.

At first it was the little things that started making a difference. How the food I was eating was contributing to back pain, how buried emotions affected my tummy, how skin problems were often hormone related, even by just holding the pain for a few minutes would help ease it. The biggest change was in me, I became more aware of what was going on in my body and by small important changes, how I went from everyday pain to feeling so much better.

I was hooked - I wanted to know more, so studied it all – Kinesiology, Reiki, Bio Testing, holistic massage, anatomy and physiology, dIET® and nutrition. I got myself organised and I now practice part time in the Blackrock area where I have been for more than 6 years. No two clients are the same; they are varied, interesting, fun and challenging and have taught me so much.

I am still learning, attending seminars, workshops, always wanting to know more and how it can help me and others. I love it.

My life now is “Healing, Health and Happiness"

To benefit from Brenda's unique treatment skills, please
contact her on 087 6827462 for an appointment today

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Call Brenda on 087-682 7462 TODAY

Blackrock Complementary Therapist Brenda Darcy - Contact Details

Brenda Darcy
Co. Dublin

Phone: 087-682 7462

Email: Brenda

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