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Angiogram Risks

bruised groin following an angiogram

What are the risks and problems associated with an angiogram procedure? An angiogram is a common and routine medical procedure to determine the condition of the heart and circulatory system and to detect the presence of heart disease. Angiograms rarely causes any serious long term problems. However, occasionally there may may complications that can include:

  • Bleeding, infection, and some pain at the catheter insertion point
  • Bruising, sometimes severe, can occur at the catheter insertion point
  • There may be some damage to blood vessels. On rare occasions the catheter may scrape or create a hole in a blood vessel during the angiogram
  • Sometimes there can be an allergic reaction to the dye used
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Other complications or risks of an angiogram can include:

  • Irregular heartbeats or arrhythmia may occur. When they do, they frequently disappear on their own. Occasionally medical treatment may be required to address the problem.
  • On rare occasions some damage to the kidneys may be caused by the dye used.
  • Blood clots may occur that can trigger stroke, heart attack, or other serious problems.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • There may be a build-up of blood or fluid in the sac around the heart. This fluid can prevent the proper function of the heart.

As with any procedure involving the heart, complications can sometimes be fatal. However, this is a rarity with an angiogram.

The risk of complications with angiograms is higher if you have diabetes or kidney disease, or if you're aged 75 or older. The risk of complications also is greater in women and in people having an angiogram on an emergency basis.

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