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How to Book Your
BPro® Cardio Pulse-Wave Analysis

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To arrange your BPro® Cardio Pulse-Wave screening call or email today. The analysis procedure is quick, non-invasive and totally pain-free, and you will receive your results in a printout immediately after your screening. Cost €50 / Group discounts are available.
Phone: 087 223 0052 / Email:

Cost: €50 at the Holistic Health Coach's premises in Artane, Dublin 5 or €70 at your location

Corporate Screenings Available
If you are an employer and would like to over BPro® Cardio Pulse-Wave screening to your employees please contact us for details of our corporate group discount rates.

How to Book Order Synergy Products

Synergy products

To order your supply of ProArgi-9 or bottles of Phytolife or Mistify call in to the Holistic Health Coach in person or use the contact details below to arrange for delivery to your home.

Phone: 087 223 0052


Cost: ProArgi-9 €65 per pot / Mistify €45 per bottle / Phytolife €35 per bottle

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About The Holistic Health Coach

Tony Lawless is The Holistic Health Coach. Tony's revolutionary approach to health & well-being, dIET® & nutrition, sports preparation & recovery, is spreading rapidly throughout Ireland's health-conscious communities. In his mid-40s and a former senior Clontarf RFC winger, Tony has amassed a wealth of health knowledge and techniques that he employs every day on a personal basis and for his many clients.

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"I am delighted to be able to share with you the products that I use and recommend, and the knowledge that I have learnt over the years, that has brought me health, happiness and success.

I feel that if we can all start to regain our independence and self-confidence we will make this world a better place for ourselves as well as many others. The journey starts with yourself and with your health. I completed my first healing course in the 1990's which centred on enhancing energy flow through the body in order to encourage circulation and so, healing to take place.

Since then I have been developing and maintaining a simple approach to optimum living. I believe that we must always blend both mental and physical techniques to achieve success. I have studied CranioSacral Therapy, Bio-Testing Therapy, Sound & vibrational healing, Access Consciousness and Pilates.

This diverse range of knowledge, techniques, and health-giving products allows me to help my clients to unlock their inner capacity for healthy and successful living. What I offer is truly unique."

Tony Lawless
The Holistic Health Coach
16 Brookwood Rise
Dublin 5

Phone: 087 223 0052
from outside Ireland: +353 (0)87
223 0052


The Holistic Health Coach - Tony Lawless

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