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ProArgi-9 Plus Testimonials

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Here are the personal testimonials of people who suffered from a range of medical conditions that have been dramatically improved by the regular use of ProArgi-9. If you suffer from heart disease or any of the conditions mentioned in these videos you too can take control of your healthcare by ordering your personal supply of ProArgi-9 today.

It is a totally safe, simple to use, natural supplement that will transform your life for the better. Order ProArgi-9 Now.

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Dr. Craig Buhler advises other doctors on how to use ProArgi-9 Plus in their practice

Dr. Haw who is in his seventies and had cardiac problems including a stroke used ProArgi-9

Barbara Ballas describes how ProArgi-9 helped overcome poor circulation and high blood pressure

This ProArgi-9 user no longer needs to use his cholesterol lowering medication

This ProArgi-9 user has reduced his medication from 17 different pills to just six

Dane Lorg, two time MLB World Series winner, tells how ProArgi-9 helped restore endurance and strength

Prior to using ProArgi-9 this gentleman had 6 heart attacks, a heart transplant, diabetes and renal failure

Richard Bell describes how ProArgi-9 helped him to overcome many health issuers& boost energy levels

Gabrielle Lopez describes how ProArgi-9 helps her athletic pursuits, and her daughter

Adrianna Gibson who used ProArgi-9 to help her through a difficult menopause

"L-Arginine benefits the body in a myriad of ways. We can't ignore it's power any longer."

Dr. Joseph Prendergast from the book 'Dr. Joe's Rx for Managing your Health'

How to order ProArgi-9 Plus?
You can order your supply of ProArgi-9 by calling
087 223 0052. Or you can email You can pay by cheque or by credit card (via PayPal). If you choose to pay via PayPal we will dispatch your ProArgi-9 within 24 hours.

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About The Holistic Health Coach

Tony Lawless is The Holistic Health Coach. Tony's revolutionary approach to health & well-being, dIET® & nutrition, sports preparation & recovery, is spreading rapidly throughout Ireland's health-conscious communities. In his mid-40s and a former senior Clontarf RFC winger, Tony has amassed a wealth of health knowledge and techniques that he employs every day on a personal basis and for his many clients.

Po argi 9 stockist Tony Lawless

"I am delighted to be able to share with you the products that I use and recommend, and the knowledge that I have learnt over the years, that has brought me health, happiness and success.

I feel that if we can all start to regain our independence and self-confidence we will make this world a better place for ourselves as well as many others. The journey starts with yourself and with your health. I completed my first healing course in the 1990's which centred on enhancing energy flow through the body in order to encourage circulation and so, healing to take place.

Since then I have been developing and maintaining a simple approach to optimum living. I believe that we must always blend both mental and physical techniques to achieve success. I have studied CranioSacral Therapy, Bio-Testing Therapy, Sound & vibrational healing, Access Consciousness and Pilates.

This diverse range of knowledge, techniques, and health-giving products allows me to help my clients to unlock their inner capacity for healthy and successful living. What I offer is truly unique."

Tony Lawless
The Holistic Health Coach
16 Brookwood Rise
Dublin 5

Phone: 087 223 0052
from outside Ireland: +353 (0)87
223 0052


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