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What the Clients of Tony Lawless Say About Him

Over the years Tony has treated hundreds of clients with a wide varIET®y of ailments and conditions.

Here is a small sample of what Tony's clients have had to say about his abilities to help them. These are genuine comments from real people, just like you, that Tony was able to help.

If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

What can I say. Tony Lawless is a truly gifted practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy. I went to him with chronic sinusitis, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain. To be honest I had so much pain I was embarrassed to list it all. I thought I was a hopeless case. After the first treatment I realised I didn't have to list my pains, Tony knew exactly where to work. I had four treatments and I mean it when I say that Tony turned my life around, I actually did not realise how lost I was,until he very calmly and casually guided me back. I highly recommend Tony Lawless and his Natural Healing Clinic.


If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by
email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

R G Who Suffered With Sinus Problems

The care I received from Tony was excellent! I was having bad problems with my sinuses and I attended Tony on a recommendation from a friend. After just one session I felt immediate relief. Tony has a warm and caring manner and totally puts you at ease. Would highly recommend a visit for any ailment or just general wellbeing.


If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by
email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

K E Whose Daughter Katherine Had Sleeping Difficulties

My 2½ year old daughter Katherine first attended Tony when she had been experiencing regular unexplained awakenings in the middle of the night for approximately four months and on waking she was very distressed. It turned out that Katherine had a tightened occipital area that was affecting her nervous system and sleep patterns After just one session we could see the difference in her sleep and no longer was she distressed, subsequent sessions allowed Tony to completely release the occipital area. Also before she attended Tony she had grommets inserted for fluid in the ears, a year on and they since have come away but with regular combined CranioSacral Therapy and Bio-testing sessions with Tony the fluid has never returned. Katherine's overall general health is excellent to the extent that she has not had a course of antibiotics in over a year of attending Tony. I also bring my other daughter to these sessions and she benefits from these visits too. Tony is fantastic with both of them and they love going to visit him.


If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by
email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

R C For Whom Tony Has Treated a Number of Sports Injuries

I have been visiting Tony over a period of 5 years for a number of different sporting injuries. I have found his manner and varying techniques have had a substantial effect on my rehabilitation. In particular his work on my neck and his ability to unwind me and release the tension in nerves and muscles around the neck has been of great benefit and seen a great improvement in my physical condition. In addition to the physical rehabilitation I have found that his treatments allow me to have a clarity of thought on general matters in life. This clarity has allowed me to progress with confidence through difficult situations in life and to make clear decisions.


If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by
email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

M O'D Who Suffered From Frozen Shoulder

I was diagnosed as having a condition called frozen shoulder which resulted in constant dull pain, very limited mobility in my arm where I couldn't lift it over my head and put my arm behind my back. Over a period of 6 months I went through the medical route of x-ray, MRI, physio, pain relief medication and 2 rounds of steroid injections. My condition wasn't improving and another course of steroid injections was the next step followed by surgery if not effective. I visited Natural Healing as an alternative approach and had an amazing experience, after 2 visits I had approx 80% of my mobility in my arm and it's still continuing to improve resulting in me being able to swim during my summer holidays. Tony immediately puts you at ease with his approach and I really appreciate his help.


If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by
email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

B B Whose Daughter Suffered From Colic

I cannot recommend Tony and the Cranio Sacral Treatments highly enough. I initially brought my daughter when she was 3 weeks old with suspected Colic. As I am a 1st time Mom, I was at a loss to figure out what was causing her distress, once she turned 2 weeks she cried incessantly. After 2 treatments I saw an amazing improvement in her and she was so much more content, and hardly cried, it was remarkable. Even my husband, who is often 'suspect' of alternative health was amazed. However, it was Tony and his manner with such a young baby and worried new Mom that put me at ease. I have since returned with my daughter at 11 weeks and further and it's amazing to see her interact with him, she is so calm and happy as she picks up on his warm manner. The cranio sacral therapy, in my opinion, is fantastic for young babies as it is so gentle and appropriate for how delicate they are, I have subsequently recommended it to a few friends and other new Mom's I've met.

B B (and K)

If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by
email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

E B Who Suffered From Chronic Pelvis Pain

I first attended Tony for CranioSacral Therapy because I was suffering from chronic pelvic girdle pain. This pain was still occurring approximately twelve months after the birth of my second child. After just one session I felt immediate relief and for the first time in ages I was able to drive without any discomfort. Regular visits have ensured that I no longer suffer with this pain. I have attended Tony throughout my third pregnancy and can only say wonderful things of how I feel and how this pregnancy has progressed so beautifully. By also incorporating Bio-testing he has ensured I gain optimal benefits from his sessions. Regular visits for me mean that I feel good and help me maintain a general wellbeing. With his genuine interest in the individual Tony makes the whole experience a warm and caring one.


If you would like Tony to help you please contact him now by
email ( or phone him at 087-223 0052 or 01-851 2847

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