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Holistic Glossary

This glossary of holistic terms includes alternative, complementary and some conventional related terms and phrases.

A Abdominal Segment Abrams Box Abreaction
  Absolutes Access Consciousness Accomodation
  Active Psychotherapy Acupoint Acupressure
  Acupuncture Adaption Energy Aerion Therapy
  Affirmations Aikido Alarm Points
  Alexander Technique Allergies Alternative Medicine
  Amatsu Amma Anima
  Anma Arica Aromatic Oils
  Aromatherapy Art Therapy Artificial Somnabulism
  Asanas Aston Patterning Atavistic Regression
  Attar Attenuation Attitude
  Attitudinal Healing Auditing Aura
  Aura-Soma Auriculotherapy Autogenics
  Autohypnosis Autokinetic Effect Avogadro Limit
B Bach Flowers Barefoot Shiatsu Bates Eye Method
  Bee Venom Tharapy Behavioural Medicine Behavioural Optometry
  Behaviourism Biocards Biochemics
  Biodynamic Agriculture Biodynamic Psychotherapy Bioelectromagnetics
  Bio-Energy Therapy Bioenergetics Bioentrainment
  Biofeedback Therapy Biokinesthesiology Biomagnetics
  Biorhytyms Biosynthesis Bone Setters
  Bowen Therapy    
C Chakras Chanting  
  Chiropractic Colonoc Irrigation Craniosacral Therapy

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