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Ian Cunningham

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I am Ian Cunningham, a native of Dublin, Ireland and I have a working background in complementary therapies for more that 12 years. Having studied Reiki healing, reflexology, Swedish/ deep tissue, traditional Thai & healing massage. I have worked in the hotel spa & salon environment during that time, & evolved within the field both experientially & personally. As I'm sure we all are...whatever the path!

Along side this, my Spiritual / psychic healing energy work has become more to the fore in the treatment room, both through a desire & willingness to aid in the healing process of those in need, & along with what I see today is the increasing emergence of self-awareness & openness in people to partake in their own healing.

When you bring these two together in a place of support & calm and allow the experience in the moment ... to be, it can only bring about the most positive of outcomes. It is through this process & spirit / inner guidance that I've brought forth the intuitive healing energy work & honoured it with a sacred place & space of it's own to share, to heal, & to work with you.

What Ian's Clients Say

"I have suffered on many occasions with my knees with joint stiffness that would flair up into arthritic pain which would affect my mobility whilst walking & more so climbing stairs. I spent two sessions with Ian, after the first session, the pain & tenderness had gone. Though the stiffness was still there, I felt it lessened in the days that followed. Two days after the second session I was thrilled with the change in my knees- I could walk upstairs, go for a walk, and I even managed a short jog round my local park without any pain. Highly recommended."

Shane Casey - Dublin

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the ancient art of hands-on healing. It is a universal energy that is channelled into the client’s body through a Reiki practitioner’s hands.

Reiki is a very gentle yet extremely powerful therapy, that is beneficial for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. It is a healing therapy that is suitable for everybody regardless of their beliefs.

Why Choose Reiki?

Reiki has many benefits and can be used in harmony with conventional medicine.

Reiki bullet point Relieves stress, anxiety, and completely relaxes the whole body
Reiki bullet point Focuses thoughts on goals and positive thinking
Reiki bullet point Boosts the immune system
Reiki bullet point Prevents ill-health
Reiki bullet point Helps with the grieving process and other emotional upsets
Reiki bullet point Assists in the healing process of any medical condition
Reiki bullet point Is an excellent way to pamper yourself

What is Involved in a Reiki Session?

During a Reiki treatment session in his Dublin 2 clinic Ian places his hands on specific areas of the your body. This can generate heat, coldness or a tingling sensation all of which are an indication of the presence of the Reiki energy.

The atmosphere will be one of total relaxation and you will be lying down and some soothing music will be playing. You will remain fully clothed.

A typical treatment usually lasts about an hour.

"Just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say; Thank you. For the first time in months, I've slept through the night without any medication, any remedy, natural or prescription one. Felt so down to earth & calm."

Anni Salminen - Finland

Spiritual Healing Intuitive

Healing hands and a candle

An Intuitive / Spiritually- guided healing / reading, which provides a space of comfort & allows for a relaxed, calming & therapeutic energy exchange. It safely assists in relieving, restoring & re-balancing physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. Aiding in the relief & release where pain, disharmony, imbalance, disorder & or dis-ease are present - By working in tandem with the body's own innate healing intelligence to stimulate & support self-healing.

Equally, it provides the same benefits for those who would just like to take time out from a stressful / busy day or lifestyle and experience an hour of healing, tranquility & calm. To relax and recharge body & soul.

After a consultation the client is given a few moments to relax on a massage couch, through a guided calming breathing technique. I tune in, then place my hands on & or above body on area of concern & where I'm spiritually / intuitively guided to do so. The energies then flow to where needed. Time is allowed at end of session between client & I to share their experience, relative to the treatment.

Every healing session is individual and unique. However some common sensations / feelings you may experience during and in the hours after are:

Reiki bullet point Lightness / heaviness
Reiki bullet point Area's of hot / cold, tingling
Reiki bullet point Emotional release
Reiki bullet point Ache / Pain relief
Reiki bullet point Overwhelming sense of calm
Reiki bullet point Vivid dreaming
Reiki bullet point May simply fall into a restful sleep

Benefits Include:

Reiki bullet point Increased energy levels / vibration
Reiki bullet point Ache / pain relief & release
Reiki bullet point Reduced stress, anxiety
Reiki bullet point Better quality of sleep
Reiki bullet point Improved general health
Reiki bullet point Increased personal awareness
Reiki bullet point Increased positivity

"Recently, I had suffered a severe earache with a swollen jaw. I used the usual painkillers for a few days - but to no avail. One visit to Ian, & the swelling went down considerably during the session & the pain in my ears had completely gone. I would highly recommend Ian's healing work to anyone."

Ann Byrne - Dublin

Make your Appointment in Dublin 2 with Ian now

For the most positive outcome and healing to occur, come with an open mind, heart, and with trust & total commitment in allowing the experience of the moment to be.

Ian Cunningham, 24 Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2
Ph: 087 9739979 -

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