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Cork holistic therapist Sophia Weldon Joy

As a Physician of the Being, I can open doors of possibility which you either didn’t know existed or felt were sealed shut. I have come to understand extremely subtle and often concealed elements of human design which keep us in a box of limitation. My work with the BEING extends far beyond the standard horizons of wellbeing and into a newer galaxy of understanding. From years of tracking, observation and intuited innovation I can now reflect upon how power and information are fed though the whole structure of the body, running many things which we think “just happen” or “just are”. In fact, everything of that subtle nature (physiological self-governance, repair, talent, self- image, interpersonal bonding etc) have highly sophisticated processes and mechanisms behind them. Discerning those mechanisms, and correcting, unblocking or indeed upgrading them, as appropriate has been a very lengthy, complex task. Yet, I didn’t come upon this by chance, but by an incrementally hewn process. I am a conventionally trained and experienced doctor, who then spent many years in the world of alternative and complementary medicine (nutrition, naturopathy, SCENAR, Low intensity laser, Autonomic Response processes etc etc). But I have spent the last 14 years tracking how the body organizes and empowers its functions, operates its intelligence and encodes for advancement. This permitted me to extricate people from very devastating complex illness, but it also revealed to me obscure elements of the divine design of the human being.

“The greatest gift anyone can give you, is to give you back yourself”

By following such divine design as closely as possible, resolution of certain problems becomes inherently possible, be it in a body sector ( like the palate to cease snoring), in the whole Being level ( anxiety, overwhelming grief, disconnection feelings) or at the “software” level ( for music skill, precision sports, career skills etc). This is because the BEING behaves as a sophisticated matrix of data and power flow overlaid and inlaid into your structure, infusing you with capacities and skills to do what you typically take for granted. But when they fail, you do not know where to look to resolve these problems. Or at least you may not have known, until now.

““For so long I didn’t feel right. I have a lot of experience in alternative work, but I realized that I needed help at a different level entirely. Within an hour, I could feel a significant change. Over time I came more and more into view as my true self, with a return of my strength and a return of power to the core of my Being. It’s just amazing!””

The outcome of this work (BEING Restored programs) can now be brought to you in three broad categories:


This refers to the deep emotional and well BEING issues which drag you down and keep you submerged in your life. To my complete amazement, and those who receive the sessions, very longstanding problems can become remote “non-issues” within a matter of minutes. This is by tackling problems at a frequency and vibrational level rather than a verbal level. This clearing of the “emotional charge” down from a 10/10 to about a 3/10 in a short period of time is immensely liberating, lightening and generally long lasting. As a bonus, I don’t actually need any much detail about events, just the theme of how it feels. The program subsections are:

Bereavement programs: If the emotional charge remains high (9 to 10/10 or higher after a period of expected grief, many approaches can be taken to alter that charge to make it more bearable) Again this is not a talk therapy, so beyond a little information about the circumstances, very little needs to be gone into. The emotional charge typically comes down about 70%, making the loss considerably more tolerable.

Return to your best self, program: What with all the challenges, traumas and events which beset us these days, it is common for us to be knocked off beam and lose sight and patterning of ourselves. The simple, “I am not myself”, gives deep indication that things are amiss and need to be corrected. Sometimes there is a pattern of reactive anxiety, generalized fear and irritable mood which tell us we need an unloading and restoring process to be done. Thus, we can bring us back to our best selves again. Also, to be considered for those are seeking employment, you may consider that you could find yourself to be more successful if the interviewer “reads” a better unconscious projection of yourself. There is also a chance for those who have lost their high functioning/executive mojo – to get it back! Life could take off again for you, sooner than you think!

Relationship Rescue: While it is ideal for both parties of a couple to show up for a session or two, surprising benefits to retuning the Being of one person have been experienced! This is not a talk therapy for couples in strife but a simple restoring of the lightness and bounce and wellbeing of each person as well as restoring the ability of the heart to tune into the other party. Once those elements are restored to a relationship where hearts were truly engaged in the past, amazing resynchronizing of the relationship often occurs. It would be such a shame to give up on a marriage etc before you try this!

“I just can’t believe the difference between us, before and after treatment, and how our relationship and the whole household changes! And that change has lasted months and months later”

Repairing after childbirth trauma: For whatever reason, recovering after giving birth may not be as simple as you would expect. You may have had a traumatic delivery or a very exhausting birth, or just not feel that you are regaining you again. It could be a matter of just getting your BEING back on its beam and getting charged up again in a very specific way. So much is possible when the correct approach is taken. Don’t lose time with your child. Be fully present to enjoy the magic of this new life!

“I felt completely and utterly traumatized after the birth of my daughter. Despite the passage of time, I didn’t feel that I was making any progress. I didn’t know how to get out of this and back to “me” again. I was recommended this route, so I booked in. I could feel the difference in me very early on. When I went home, I was amazed at how settled my child had become. It was like she was picking up a different signal from me and felt more secure. I have found myself again. I feel more solid and have completely lost the sense of trauma from the childbirth! That is such a big deal for all of us….”


It has been truly remarkable to witness again and again how the body restores itself. Once this mechanism can be activated at will, as it can be now, amazing possibilities present themselves. The two major programs available at present are the Cease Snoring (restoration of the soft palate) and the body zonal restoration for retired athletes and dancers.

Palatial Peace the Cease Snoring program:This process organically restores your palatal soft tissue infrastructure so it works with you, rather than against you. Snoring can stop from the first session or it may take four or so treatments to tame the sound so that others are not disturbed in their sleep. Treatment involves organic, natural work with restoring the soft palate elasticity. This is rather like restoring a drooping rope bridge, back to a stable, slightly springy rope bridge. By doing so, the sound goes from coarse to very soft, and the sound therefore becomes un-disturbing to the sleeping partner. A refresher follow-up is also included in the course of treatment. Sleep apnoea is not covered in this work, but you need to be aware of the trends and associations between snoring and sleep apnoea. If the snoring is getting worse you may find yourself diagnosed with sleep apnoea in the fullness of time. Be mindful of this.

Zonal restoration for retired athletes and dancers: Many serious athletes and dancers create significant wear on their knees and feet, yet with present knowledge, skill and experience, these zones can indeed be restored from the deepest level outwards. The innate healing drive within the knees in particular is quite remarkable, so it is a shame for such people to continue to suffer or limit their post career activities. Once you can get out of the box of limitations in thinking and awareness, you can witness the strength of drive which is inherently present in most athletes, sports people and dancers. That same drive is what enabled you to excel to begin with, but now it can be directed inwards to serve your own life and future. What are you really waiting for?


“The banjo is flyin’ it. It feels more fluid on the fretboard and I barely have to think about the notes when I take a solo. The notes are cleaner and the picking hand is not hitting bum strings or anything. Another happy customer!”

Do you have a real desire to be able to something – dance, play an instrument, swim-? But you just can’t get your body “onboard”? Do you have some ability but it has just plateaued and you can’t get up past that point? Were you ever able to do something, like sing, do ballet, create music, do artwork and now you cannot access that part of who you are anymore? Are you craving advancement in your passions or skills or career and feel that you could achieve more? The Zenith programs may be for you.

This option is based on the evolved awareness that the body needs to run programs at the “software” level to do complex learned tasks. Those innate “software” programs have to be very specifically enabled. If they are not, everything is a struggle or barely possible at best. These highly complex body tasks can be activated, repaired or upgraded depending on the situation. If you have a passion for something, consider investing at a different level with this work, to do what sets your heart alight.

“For a while there, I felt I had lost a lot of my extra levels of embellishments when I performed. Things just felt more “clunky”. Performance brought up more anxiety than I was used to. The difference in the way I play before and after treatment is huge!”

Call (085) 748 4900 – your future awaits you!

BEING Restored programs

Zone Programs – localized restoration of body infrastructure (e.g. soft palate (to cease snoring), knees, feet upper arms etc.)
Zen Programs – generalized retrieval of your Being’s pattern and power to restore you after challenges, loss and trauma etc.
Zenith Programs – targeted upgrading of your physical capacity to advance in your talents, patterns and skills.

Sophia’s understanding of human design has now evolved into and onto an entirely new level. From this platform of perspective and this plane of approach, new possibilities for your deepest well Being now open up. She has found that the Being operates far more deeply and pervasively in our structures, emotions, patterns and potentials than we would have heretofore understood.

As a Physician of the Being, she can accurately re-install and infuse your Being into all relevant zones, and therefore activate a deep capacity in you for restoration, repair and expansion of your divinely designed potential.

Her BEING RESTORED programs offer unique opportunities to get important elements of your persona or function back, or to allow you to reach new levels of possibility in your life. The Zone program restores drive to specific body zones for optimized repair and function. Zen program restores dominion in your Being and Patterning in your persona. The Zenith program can upgrade your skills, passions and talents from whatever position you are in, along the direction of where you want to go.

Contact Details

For Therapy sessions:

Please call (085) 748 4900 for locations in Cork; Tipperary and elsewhere. Email –


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