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Craniosacral Therapy (CST) - Dublin

CranioSacral Therapist Tony Lawless

CST therapist Tonly Lawless treating a client
Tony Treating a Young Client During CranioSacral Session

Tony Lawless has successfully used CranioSacral Therapy to treat and heal headache, migraine, neck problems, back pain, disorders of the central nervous system, eye problems chronic tiredness, emotional difficulties stress and anxiety, and TMJ. The body can suffer severely from the trauma induced by disease, accidents, and emotional difficulties. Often the problems may manifest themselves in ways beyond the obvious physical effects. Tony is particularly adept at using CST to identify and resolved such medical conditions.

CranioSacral Therapy for Mothers and Babies

Throughout a woman's pregnancy and immediately following childbirth she can experience many changes in her body and with her relationships. CranioSacral Therapy is excellent at dealing with issues and concerns that can arise during this emotionally-charged time. CST deals with such concerns in a safe way and in an neutral environment.

Prenatal CranioSacral Therapy Session

Prenatal CST sessions allows the mother-to-be to get in touch with her body and her developing baby within. Tony's sessions help to dispel the stresses and pressures of pregnancy and allow his clients to replenish their energy levels and to restore balance. CranioSacral is particularly helpful during pregnancy to improve the alignment and the mobility of the mother's pelvis thereby significantly aiding the birthing process.

What Tony's Clients Say

I simply cannot recommend Tony and his CranioSacral treatments highly enough. I brought my daughter to Tony when she was three weeks old with suspected Colic. As I was first time Mom, I was at a loss to figure out what was causing her distress, once she turned two weeks she cried constantly. After just two treatments I saw an amazing improvement in Kate and she was so much more content, and hardly cried at all, it was remarkable. Even my husband, who is often 'suspect' of alternative health was amazed. However, it was Tony and his manner with such a young baby and with a worried new Mom that put me at ease. I have since returned with Kate at 11 weeks and further and it's amazing to see her interact with Tony, she is so calm and happy as she picks up on his warm manner. The craniosacral therapy, in my opinion, is fantastic for young babies as it is so gentle and appropriate for how delicate they are, I have subsequently recommended it to a few friends and other new Mom's I have met.

B B (and K)

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Postnatal CranioSacral Therapy Session

During childbirth a mother's pelvis may become mis-aligned and muscles may be weakened. Postnatal CST sessions are an excellent way of redressing this and are very successful in speeding up the healing process after caesarean section births. After the birth of the baby most of the attention switches from the mother to the baby however CranioSacral Therapy sessions address this by providing attention and relaxation specifically for the postnatal mother.

Specific Childbearing Issues Helped by CranioSacral Therapy

The following issues that affect mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately following the birth, that CST can help:

  • Relieve cramping
  • Address back pain
  • Treat sciatic and nerve pain
  • Establish optimal foetal position
  • Relieve pelvic and groin pain
  • Promote recovery from caesarean births
  • A Typical Initial Craniosacral Therapy Session

    A CranioSacral therapy session will take place in a quIET®, private setting. Tony recommends that clients wear loose, comfortable clothing. Clients remain fully clothed, though most choose to remove their shoes. The session is performed with the client reclining on a massage or treatment table while Tony stands or sits, positioned at various times throughout the session at the client's head, middle torso or feet.

    What You May Experience During a CST Session

    Experiences during a CST session are as individual as the clients and practitioners themselves. They also may differ from session to session. At times, a client may deeply relax or even fall asleep; at other times, he or she may talk a great deal, recalling hidden memories or expressing emotions. Some will remain still during the entire session, hardly noticing the practitioner's evaluation and treatment, while others will experience sensations within the body as the evaluation process is carried out.

    At various times throughout the session, Tony will support a client's limbs and spine while facilitating release of accumulated tension. This process is called energy cyst release or tissue release. During this release, the client might recall circumstances surrounding a past shock, trauma or injury. Releasing and re-experiencing past hurts assists the body in reversing dysfunction and restoring the previous level of mobility.

    What Tony's Clients Say

    What can I say. Tony Lawless is a truly gifted practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy. I went to him with chronic sinusitis, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain. To be honest I had so much pain I was embarrassed to list it all. I thought I was a hopeless case. After the first treatment I realised I didn't have to list my pains, Tony knew exactly where to work. I had four treatments and I mean it when I say that Tony turned my life around, I actually did not realise how lost I was,until he very calmly and casually guided me back. I highly recommend Tony Lawless and his Natural Healing Clinic.


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    What You May Experience Following a CST Treatment

    Just as individuals experience CST sessions differently, the immediate results can be diverse as well. This relaxed state may cause some to sleep for many hours after a session. Others may experience an increase in energy. Reduction of pain or an increase in function may occur immediately after the session, or it may develop gradually over the next few days. Since CST helps the body resume its natural healing processes, it isn't unusual for improvement to continue weeks after the session. For some there may be a reorganisation phase as the body adapts to the release of previously held patterns.

    Dublin CranioSacral Therapist - Contact Details

    Tony Lawless
    16 Brookwood Rise
    Dublin 5
    Pilates instructor Tony Lawless
    Phone: 087-223 0052


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