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Sharon Fitmaurice - Galway

Holistic Wellness Coach, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner

Sharon's Story - In Her Own Words

Galway thearpist Sharon Fitzmaurice

"In my work, I combine all experiences from every aspect of my professional and personal life to help people to find and awaken their true potential. Like many of you, I too have come through my own struggles and challenges. From an early age, I have been intuitively aware of people's energy and how it affects their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I believe in an holistic approach to self-care and through this I have learned many therapies and practices over the years, that are now helping the people I work with to become more self-aware, more mindful and more positive in their daily lives. Thus allowing more balance and an opportunity to live the life they truly want.

fter years of my own personal development, which I continue on a daily basis, I am now assisting thousands of people in Ireland and online to implement the changes that will most benefit their life and circumstances right now. Each of us are unique beings and therefore we will not all think or feel the same way as anyone else, I work with each person in finding what areas of their lives they feel they need help with and we take it step by step through a process of self-healing, self-awareness, self-development and finding your joy and pleasure in each moment.

This year I have set up many challenges for myself and I ask you to come along with me, together we can achieve anything we set our mind to, awaken the light within you and open up a new door in your life, the greatest discovery will be of yourself."

What Sharon's Clients Say

I want to thank Sharon for giving me the tools within myself to live the life I love and am fulfilled in every day with abundance, love, fun, gratitude, self- belief and health. Sharon is a truly amazing person, brilliant teacher and excels at what she does, but most of all an amazing friend. She has taught me the gift of believing in myself and has encouraged me every step of the way through training with her in Mediation and Reiki, and also in the many workshops and retreats I have attended facilitated by Sharon. To sum Sharon up these are the words that come to mind -”LIVE, LOVE AND LAUGHTER” Love you Sharon, your fond friend and student.

Gretta McManus – Relationship Coach

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Self Awareness & Personal Development

Sharon works with individuals and groups all over Ireland in finding time in their lives for themselves and their needs. It is very easy to let our minds get so distracted that we forget who we really are. Through Sharon guiding you, we work together on releasing and letting go of old issues, fear, worries and doubts so that we may open our energy up to a new and more fulfilled life. It is always our choice to make our lives better, what is your choice today?

Contact Sharon today so that we can work together on developing your self-confidence and self-belief to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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Angel Reiki Healing Session With Sharon

Sharon is also an Intuitive Angelic Reiki Healing Master, Teacher and Practitioner. Sharon will work alongside your Angels and Spirit using the gentle non evasive hands on healing Reiki & Seichem energy. Sharon will also receive guidance which will further help you on your journey of healing.

Reiki/Seichem is a universal life force energy which comes from the Divine and has a consciousness and awareness of where the person needs healing at that moment in time, it always goes to where it is needed for the person’s highest good.

Sharon will work intuitively with your energy and allow the deepest healing to take place on all levels, Spiritually, emotionally, physically and emotionally.

Contact Sharon to book your appointment today.

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Distant Healing Session With Sharon

As energy knows no bounds and can travel through time and space, don’t let your location or busy schedule stop you from having a wonderful healing session with Sharon.

You may schedule a date and time that suits you in the comfort of your own home and just sit back and relax and allow Sharon to send healing to you on all levels, all you have to do is have the intention to allow the healing.

Session is for 30 minutes. Prebook a date and time with Sharon and you will receive email feedback from Sharon also.

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Sharon's Motivation Academy

This is an academy of professionals who are available to help inspire, motivate and encourage you with their skills, wisdom and knowledge in helping you to help yourself. Our purpose is to help each client to find the right tools and people in their personal development and to encourage you to live the life you deserve, whilst following your dreams and achieving your goals.

Find out more here.

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Upcoming Events & Workshops

See the full range of events and workshops that Sharon has planned over the next number of months - Upcoming Events.

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Guided Meditation Downloads

Sharon has a range of guided meditation audios that you can purchase online and download here.


Galway therapist Sharon Fitzmaurice

Contact Sharon

Ph: 087 4127564
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