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Therapist Noreen Maloney

Galway  therapist - Noreen Maloney

Reiki and Indian Head Massage therapist Noreen Maloney is based close to the Galway / Mayo border and her interest in energy work began back in 2000.

She is a qualified in Tera-Mai Reiki, trained by Brian McCullen, Reiki Master & Teacher from Enfield, and she is also practitioner in Indian Head Massage from the Marguerite Brady School of Reflexology & Natural Medicine. Noreen treats clients that have a wide range of ailments and conditions.

Sometimes Noreen will conduct a short guided meditation with clients before or after the session if they would like some extra time to relax - but only if they have the time and feel they need it.

Treatment Price List

Reiki treatment takes one to one and half hour: €40

Indian Head Massage: face, head, neck and shoulders - takes one hour: €35
face, head, shoulders and back - takes one and a half hours: €40

Book a block of 2 appointments of one hour massage for €65
Book a block of 2 appointments of one and half hour massage for €75

Book a block of 3 appointments of one hour massage for €90 euro
Book a block of 3 appointments of one and half hour massage for €100

What is Reiki?

Reiki treatment room in  Tuam

Reiki is the ancient art of hands-on healing; it is a universal energy that is channelled into the client’s body through a Reiki practitioner’s hands. It is a very gentle yet extremely powerful therapy, that is beneficial for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Reiki is suitable for everybody regardless of their beliefs.

What Noreen's Clients Say About her Approach to Reiki

"I would highly recommend Noreen for a Reiki Session, I have passed her name onto many of my own clients and people in her area. Noreen is dedicated to being a practitioner and would like to help as many people as possible in either healing emotional or physical ailments."

Sharon Fitzmaurice. Galway

Galway Reiki

Conditions Treated by Reiki

Noreen specialises in treating people that are suffering from any of the following ailments:

Children Adults
Bullet point Colic
Bullet point Learning Difficulties
Bullet point Behavioural Problems
Bullet point Traumatic Births
Bullet point Vomiting
Bullet point Constipation
Bullet point Hearing Difficulties
Bullet point Failure to Thrive
Bullet point Sleeping Problems
Bullet point Feeding Issues
Bullet point Abnormal Fears or Phobias
Bullet point Stress
Bullet point Back Ache
Bullet point Frozen Shoulder
Bullet point Migraine & Headache
Bullet point AnxIET®y
Bullet point Digestion Problems
Bullet point Hay Fever
Bullet point Asthma
Bullet point Acne / Skin Problems
Bullet point Chronic Fatigue
Bullet point Depression

Noreen will help you to release emotional blockages, relieve stress and create a sense of deep relaxation. Noreen's Reiki therapy sessions can be used in conjunction with standard medical procedures. If you are in pain or distress please contact Noreen (details below) now to arrange an appointment to begin the healing process right away.

What is involved in a Reiki Session?

Galway Reiki therapy room

For your initial Reiki session Noreen will ask you to lie down on the treatment table. If lying down is difficult then Noreen can conduct your treatment with you in a seated position or even standing. You should wear loose and comfortable clothing. Throughout your Reiki session Noreen will delicately lay her hands on, or just over, various parts of your body with a particular focus on the chakra system. Throughout your Reiki session Noreen will work on your chakra energy system which will clear any blocked energy from your body. Most of Noreen's clients complete their Reiki session feeling deeply relaxed with a sense of well being and energised. In some cases clients have reported to Noreen a sensation of a healing heat in the problem area.

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage treatment room in  Tuam

Indian Head Massage is a totally natural holistic therapy that is non invasive, deeply nurturing and is extremely effective at reducing or eliminating stress. Indian Head Massage promotes healthy living by stimulating the various body organ meridians on the face, neck, and head as well as relaxing the entire back with a wonderfully healing, soothing back massage.

It is a safe and completely balancing therapy while revitalising and renewing the mind, body, and soul. It is a wonderful therapy for constipation, fatigue, work related stress, headaches, digestive complaints, tense or tired shoulders and head.

What Noreen's Clients Say About her Approach

"I can only recommend Noreen and her work to each and everyone. Its a great way of releasing everyday stress's in a nice atmosphere by a wonderful therapist. Wishing you every success Noreen."

Regards, Marian

Conditions Treated by Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is extremely effective in the treatment of physical and psychological ailments:

Bullet point By helping to relax muscle and nerve fibres, massage relieves tension, pain and tiredness.
Bullet point Indian Head Massage helps to increase the oxygen supply to the brain which aids clarity of thought and concentration and in the relief of mental strain.
Bullet point Massage stimulates endorphin release, helping natural and more holistic pain relief and generating a deep sense of well-being.
Bullet point Indian Head Massage helps to calm the sympathetic nervous system, slows the heart rate, and reduces stress.
Bullet point The parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, inducing relaxation and promoting restful sleep.

What is involved in a Indian Head Massage Session?

An Indian Head Massage therapy session is conducted while lying on the treatment bed. The clients upper body is wrapped in a warm towel and covered over with a comfortable blanket. Noreen starts with the face and scalp. Then neck, shoulders and the back. The use of oil is optional when massaging the head and scalp.

The massage involves work on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, face and scalp. The use of oil is optional when massaging the head and scalp.

Indian Head Massage alleviates tension headaches, eyestrain, aching shoulders and stiff necks, leaving the recipient feeling calm and relaxed, yet with improved concentration and mentally alert. The perfect solution in fact, to modern day stress.

What Noreen's Clients Say About her Approach

"I have had both Reiki and Indian Head Massage from Noreen . I find I completely relax both in her presence and her treatment room . I can completely relax and zone out for the duration of the treatment and that is a feat in itself as I have a cronic pain condition and relaxing the muscles in my body does not come either easily or naturally for me . I would highly recommend an hour with Noreen for either treatment."

Olivia Sheridan

"If you want to spoil yourself or someone special, then I can recommend a visit to Noreen Maloney in Milltown and have an Indian head massage. I went to her last week, and I can say it was just BLISS. How nice am I to myself!!! LOL. It started with a massage of the face, then head and down to the neck, shoulders and back. She was well aware when she came to the points where I store my stress and applied just the right pressure. I also feel there is a healing aspect to this treatment which surprised me, however she is a reiki healer also. I ask myself why dont I spoil myself like this more often!!"

Caroline Mullin

Therapist Noreen Maloney on FaceBook and LinkedIn

Noreen is also featured on social & business media sites FaceBook and LinkedIn.

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Therapist Noreen Maloney - Contact Details

Noreen Maloney
Co. Galway

Phone: 087 940 1632

Email: Noreen

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