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Reiki Workshop / Course - Offaly

First Degree / Level 1

Learn Reiki to use on your Family and Friends


If you would like to use Reiki professionally take the first step on your journey

Reiki is an extremely gentle, yet very powerful, form of healing. It is a hands-on healing art that helps to restore balance and harmony within the mind and body. It is used successfully by a great many people throughout Offaly, Ireland and the world. People of all creeds and belief systems use Reiki to fantastic effect.

At our Offaly Reiki Level 1 Workshops you will learn to become familiar with
energy and begin to trust your instincts. You will experience the amazing feeling of being able to help yourself by clearing blocks and healing your own emotions that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Why People from Offaly Choose Reiki Treatments?

Reiki treatments are very relaxing and are totally non-invasive. Most treatments last for about an hour and the person being treated remains fully clothed and lies in a comfortable position while the practitioner works. Reiki is beneficial in the following ways:

Bullet point Generate increased levels of energy
Bullet point Improve general health
Bullet point Reduce stress
Bullet point Assist during periods of upheaval
Bullet point Comfort during times of bereavement
Bullet point Promote healing after surgery and orthopaedic injuries
Bullet point Preventative healthcare
Bullet point Assist in pain relief
Bullet point Overcome fears and phobias
Bullet point A means of pampering

Who Can Learn Reiki?

There are no prerequisites for being attuned to Reiki Level 1. It is suitable for everyone, and everyone is welcome to learn this wonderful healing art. A Offaly Reiki First Degree, or Level 1 workshop / course is the ideal introduction to Reiki.

Offaly Reiki Level 1 Course / Workshop

Your participation in a Reiki Level 1 workshop will be the first step in changing your life forever. The course is run over two days and during the workshop you will introduced to the Reiki which will greatly increase the energy flow through your system. The background and history of Reiki is taught. You will also learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment and how to treat others. There will be comprehensive training and there will ample time for hands-on practise during the class. You will also learn ways to use Reiki for your own personal self-development.

Offaly Reiki Level 1 Course / Workshop - Day 1

During the first day of your Reiki First Degree course in Offaly you will cover the following:

Bullet point Learn the history and origins of Reiki
Bullet point Learn how to become a channel for the Reiki energy
Bullet point Discover the major chakras
Bullet point How to clear and heal the aura

Reiki Level 1 Workshop / Course - Day 2

During your second day of your Reiki First Degree course you will also cover the following:

Bullet point Discussion about the potential healing power of Reiki
Bullet point Learn twelve hand healing positions
Bullet point Learn how give and receive a full Reiki treatment
Bullet point Learn about balancing the chakras

All Reiki Level 1 course participants will receive a detailed and comprehensive manual for future reference. You will also receive a Reiki First Degree certificate.

To find out when the next Reiki Level 1 Workshop is on in your area of Offaly please see the Complementary Therapists Notice Board.

To Offaly Reiki Therapists: If you wish to publicise your Reiki Level one course please email us for details of how we can help you to promote your course. Contact Us.

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Recommended Irish Reiki Practitioners

Reiki Limerick - Ber Collins
Ph: 086-810 3342
Reiki Galway City - Sharon Fitzmaurice
Reiki Newbridge - Anne Cooney
Ph: 086-8661310
Reiki Stoneybatter Smithfield - Nora Leahy Ph:
086 8758962
086-875 8962
Reiki Bray - Teresa Kelly
Ph: 087-238 0188
Reiki Co. Clare - Ber Collins
Ph: 086-810 3342
Reiki Dublin 22 - Nicola Lilly
Ph: 085-151 9644
Reiki Monkstown - Mairead Flynn
Ph: 087-9966123
Reiki Raheny - Kate
Ph: 087-616 4801
Reiki Clontarf - Caitriona Doyle
Ph: 087-220 1618
Reiki Dublin 2 - Ian Cunningham
Ph: 087-9739979
Reiki Cork - Maureen Moran
Ph: 087-2205230
Reiki Swords - Jennifer Dunne
Ph: 086-156 2701
Reiki Dublin 4 - Brenda Darcy
Ph: 087-682 7462
Reiki Rush - Deirdre Luccan
Ph: 087-132 9531
Reiki Dublin 7 - Deborah King
Ph: 087-815 3961
Reiki Mayo - Marian Trench
Ph: 087-937 9317
Reiki Dublin South - Teresa Kelly
Ph: 087-238 0188
Reiki Dunboyne - Kate Boyle
Ph: 087-616 4801
Reiki Maynooth - Lorraine
Ph: 087-706 4474
Reiki Galway - Marian Trench
Ph: 087-937 9317
Equine Reiki Reiki Donaghmede - Carmel
Ph: 01-847 0045 or
086-394 5377

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