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Vision Quest Ireland

With Paul O’Halloran and Bernard Chanliau

A Vision Quest is an experience of deeper understanding of Nature and Spirit

Black Elk

About Vision Quest Ireland - What is a Vision Quest?

A Vision Quest is an ancient shamanic tradition, most commonly associated with Native American cultures, although now practised all around the world. It is where people spend time in nature alone to seek answers from spirit, to heal, to find themselves and to recognise and embody their gifts for the benefit of community.

Sometimes vision quest ceremonies are called ‘rites of passage’, where they are used to help individuals prepare from moving from childhood to adulthood or through some other form of transition. In the modern world vision quests are invaluable to helping people in times of change. This can be people seeking answers in a crisis, or those seeking a deeper spiritual understanding or those in need of healing.

Vision quests take place in nature, when you are alone so spirit can show you what you need to see within yourself in order for you to heal or find the answers you are looking for.

"I would recommend Vision Quest Ireland to anyone who is drawn towards questing. Paul and Bernard held the space for us all night and did a great job facilitating one of the most profound experiences of my journey so far. Thanks guys!"


Three phases in a Vision Quest

1. Severance / Departure: where we separate from our everyday lives and stalk awareness for our questing place
2. Transition: where you spend time in nature alone fasting and being with the infinity of existence in the enchanted woods of Oranmore
3. Re-incorporation: where you return bearing gifts of unknown things which helps to reveal your Sacred Dream and access the energy and determination to live it. This phase involves sharing our experiences in circle.

Benefits of Vision Quest

Shamanic Bullet Point Healing emotional, physical and spiritual illness
Shamanic Bullet Point Connecting deeper to the nature spirits and spirits around you - ancestors, guides and angels
Shamanic Bullet Point Facing your fears in the support of a sacred and safe space
Shamanic Bullet Point Getting answers from spirit as to why you are here
Shamanic Bullet Point Letting go of what does not serve you
Shamanic Bullet Point Help in finding your true self
Shamanic Bullet Point Help in finding balance and peace

"The vision quest gave me the time I needed and deserved to connect with nature and myself at a deeper level. I truly wish to thank Paul and Bernard for holding space so beautifully, I felt completely safe and protected. Much love to ye both. And I send all my blessings with the vision quests."


Vision Quest Workshops

The workshops are held over a weekend starting on Friday afternoon 2pm and finishing on Sunday at 12pm.

They are open to anyone who has done basic self-awareness and is familiar with being in nature or who would like to connect with nature at a deeper level. However, you will also be interviewed prior to being accepted to ensure you are ready.

The cost is €225 per person.
Download brochure here

Next Dates for Vision Quest Ireland

7/8/9th (Fri, Sat & Sun) September 2012
Early booking is advised as places are strictly limited

Preparation and what to bring on your Vision Quest

It is best to be prepared as you may have to face all weathers on your vision quest. Remember you will possibly be sitting meditating for periods of time so you may get colder than usual so it is advisable to bring the following:

Shamanic Bullet Point
Warm clothes, heavy sweater, woolly hat, walking boots, warm socks and waterproof (breathable) gear
Shamanic Bullet Point
A tent or tarpaulin or piece of plastic and ropes to create protection from weather
Shamanic Bullet Point
Sleeping bag / survival bag or swag if you have one
Shamanic Bullet Point
Something to sit on – yoga mat/pillow
Shamanic Bullet Point
Personal journal, pen, torch and whistle
Shamanic Bullet Point
Your sacred tools – rattle, drum
Shamanic Bullet Point
Toilet roll & tissues
Shamanic Bullet Point
2 litres of water
Shamanic Bullet Point
Offerings to spirit (tobacco, rice, chocolate, milk etc.)

Download a brochure here or to book your Vision Quest please use the contact details below. Places are limited so if you wish to be assured of your place on the next Vision Quest you can pay a non-refundable booking deposit. Please choose Option 2 €50 from the PayPal dropdown menu. Click Here to Pay Booking Deposit

Vision Quest Ireland Workshop Facilitators

Paul O'Halloran & Bernard Chanliau

Paul O’Halloran

Paul is a shaman and spiritual healer with over 20 years' experience in energy healing. He works to heal people, houses and land through his one to one healings, workshops and site visits. Paul heals and removes geopathic stress, spirits, imprints, curses and memories from both people and places.

Paul teaches shamanic courses at practitioners and advanced levels. Paul also runs healing days around Ireland and regular sacred fire ceremonies in Oranmore Galway with Bernard.

Bernard Chanliau

Bernard is a graduate student of the Healing Light Body School, Four Winds based on Inca energy medicine and trained with Alberto Villoldo and Don Jose Luis Herrera in Peru. A 'mesa carrier' with over 10+ years in energy work he is fascinated by the emergence of more conscious ways of doing business and works with organisations in a transformative way. His 'energy medicine' helps him integrate spirituality into the corporate world and his coaching/psychology background supports and guides his clients in leading a more fulfilled life. He quested many times with Leo Rutherford, Eagle's Wing and as a passionate hill walker Bernard enjoys nature and the importance of story telling for the integration of spiritual journeys.

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